Welcome to “Victorian Culture and Thought,” a digital exploration of Victorian periodical artifacts.

This website is the collaborative project of students taking the Fall 2013 course of English 387: Victorian Culture and Thought at the University of Victoria, Canada. “Victorian Culture and Thought” aims to engage with Victorian print culture in an accessible way and to mutually expand our knowledge of the era that produced the nonfiction essays we are studying.

To create the site content, each student will undertake archival research of the Victorian periodicals from between 1837 and 1901. Reviewing articles, stories, illustrations, poetry and advertisements in Victorian periodicals, each student will choose a piece that, as an artifact, reflects on one of the cultural events, movements, or themes that appear in her/his assigned topic. The student will scan one to three pages of the artifact to present on this website and provide a brief description of the artifact’s periodical source as well a short analysis and comparison of the theme, movement, or event as it appears in the artifact and assigned topic.


Victorian Bodies (1)Faith and Doubt (1)Gender and Sexuality (1)Labour and Class Empire and TravelAesthetics and Culture


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